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TTIP: Work very much in progress as round 6th of negotiations start

TTIP - US and EU trade talks

Preparations for the sixth round of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations, will take place in Brussels, Belgium from July 14th-18th 2014. Stakeholders are invited to participate. On the table we have manufacturing, agriculture, services, investment and public procurement and rules related to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). So if you feel concerned get down to the Management Centre Europe, Rue de l’Aqueduc 118, 1050 Brussels on the July 16th and express yourself!

EU Insider - June 2014

100 Years 1914 2014 209x209

News review 06.2014: The Junes of 1914 and 2014 saw very differing concerns in Europe. I look at what was about to unfold 100 years ago and compare to the three accession agreements reached with Ukraine, Georgia and Moldavia - grateful that we have moved on. Then I focus on benchmark numbers demonstrating that Europe, the world’s #1 economic union, is back! Albeit with draggy patches, notably France, which is my country of focus this month. I see continued decline and little good news while digging to understanding why this is happening. Next month, Poland gets our attention. Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) respective teams are working down in the trenches and out in the fields, but is step-by-step progress being made…? Scroll down, enjoy, grab your essential EU Insider news…


US Foreign Trade Zones – a $732 Bn business

U.S. Foreign Trade Zones

The USA has over 250 Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) with different rules, processes, advantages and tax implications. But what is a Foreign Trade Zone?  It is a secure area defined by US law as being outside the Customs Territory of the USA. They are associated with an air or sea port of entry, no duty is paid upon admittance and in certain states local and federal taxes are eliminated. Once the goods leave the FTZ and enter the USA then US Customs Territory, duty and taxes apply.

EU Insider - May 2014


News review 05.2014: What a European election month that was, the EU (350 million) and Ukraine (35 million) voters spoke and are being heard. The EU went right and anti-trade but the centre, federalist parties retain >70% of European Parliamentary seats. Ukraine has elected a pro-EU leader. We look at those results, generally good, but some definitely not, and their implications for US-EU business. Germany, as ever, brings more political and economic stability to the EU, we are all grateful for that, let's dig into that and see how deep that goes. Next month, we will review France, qualities, strengths, yet weak and Piketty? Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) technical and political negative vibes abound, only delay is certain so look to 2015…? Scroll down, enjoy, grab your essential EU Insider news…


International Marketing: What is Inbound Marketing and do I care?

Hubspot Inbound Marketing 4 stages

For international business development and export managers the internet provides an easily accessible platform for promoting your brand and products in different parts of the world. Getting it right for the target markets is a different matter. Inbound marketing helps you do so.    

Internet of International - May 2014


News review 05.2014: May is an exciting month for us as we start the monthly “Internet of International”, bringing you useful information on how the digital age impacts business and export development. Here is a collection of articles that caught our eye: Will Google forget?, Click and Collect - the way to go!, Website health check - Check for tablets, Europe is online - So should you be! Scroll down, enjoy, grab your essential "Internet of International" news…

EU Insider - April 2014

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News review 04.2014: The Ukraine has morphed into a black swan, where Putin’s clear strategy faces a weak EU (28 nation) ad-hoc response led by Merkel (currently in Washington). Russian/EU trade and investment, led by Gazprom remain the key. Meanwhile the vibrant EU tech scene has a great new commentator and >100 business accelerators; watch these spaces for future EU business opportunities. The European financial and economy recovery continues, led by the UK.


EU Insider - March 2014

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News review 03.2014: Just when one big crisis, financial and economic, is behind Europe (see 2nd article), another challenges Europe's place in a changing world. Follow Ukraine's story and let us be grateful for the restraining hands of trade and Merkel! Back on the subject of the European financial and economic recovery, the numbers prove it is now broad and deep.


TTIP Explained : A video introducing the EU-US trade negotiations

Your TTIP WhitepaperClick here to download now!

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is taking shape –but what is it and how will it impact your business? Watch our video and find out more about the opportunities and risks of TTIP.

UK exporting firms’ confidence at record high

european flag map blog

UK’s international exporters’ hopes for improvement are rising strongly, according to a new report released by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC). Their research shows that 72% of exporting firms have confidence in their turnover for the first quarter in 2014. The survey conducted by the BCC and DHL gives us insight into the current health of the UK market.

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