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US business executives less efficient than Europeans in getting sales during business trips


So why are US business executives so much less efficient than Europeans when it comes to getting sales during business trips?

Making your website user-friendly: DIY requirements identification for companies

online payments

If you are a business owner, sales and marketing manager or IT manager, the chances are you have become very familiar with your website. Whether or not you find your website clearly structured and understandable, the ultimate judges will always be its end users – your customers, prospects, partners, and employees. A website that is considered friendly by its users is considerably more likely to fulfill its marketing/sales potential and bring in new business. 

Top 5 essential design and online marketing techniques for your business in Europe in 2015

online payments

With 2015 quickly approaching, we bring you 5 trends that have become crucial for any company that wishes to succeed in Europe and stay ahead of their competition. Don't lag behind!  Read our tips on: design - responsive, flat with subtle animation, user-friendly and online marketing - videos and multilingual marketing on social media.

International web marketing: ibt partners presents at Massachusetts Export Expo 2014

export expo blog

Want to grow your export and business in Europe? John Worthington, Managing Director of ibt partners presents at the Massachusetts Export Expo on how to develop effective European sales and marketing strategies using the internet.

EU imports of US goods, what and where


Every year, the 28 countries of the European Union (EU) suck in 100’s of billions of dollars worth of goods and services from the USA. In 2014, that figure is expected to exceed $0.5 Tn. The EU and the USA remain each other’s largest import/export partners (>$1 Tn annual flow). In this article we are going to drill down into the import of goods (so excluding services, which will be dealt with next month) by the EU from the USA. Firstly, we will ask what are these goods that are so consistently imported (making the EU the #1 market, after Canada, for US exported goods) and secondly which EU countries are doing all that heavy importing…

European social media strategies – You don’t need to create a new business profile in each country. An example with Facebook

social media

An active presence on social media is not just a marketing fad, it’s a crucial part of any business’ marketing strategy - the new way how to build your brand and engage with your customers or other target audiences. Many US companies understand the importance of social media as well as importance of country specific websites for each of their key markets. But they are still often unsure about how to manage social media across a number of multilingual markets. Which social media networks are important for my business? Do I need to create a new business profile in each country?  If you’re asking these questions – don’t worry! You’re not the only one and we have answers to that.

The falling dominance of English on the web as the web is becoming more local


Living in the USA, browsing with, your search results are invariably in English. If you search for a product then Google tells you where to find it locally. The internet is mostly in English, right?

TTIP: The Antis have it...

TTIP november 2014

So who’s in favor of TTIP? European, pro-TTIPers are like Waldo (in Europe, read Wally), hard to find. Stop TTIP is becoming a general sentiment here in Europe, apparently there are more than 100 official anti-TTIP campaign organizations. TTIP is catching a lot of the flak targeted at the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) that is the free trade agreement between the EU and Canada, currently being ratified in European countries.

EU GDP growth - just about


Hot off the press, yes it is official. Eurozone (18 countries) GDP grew by a whole 0.2% in Q3.2014, exceeding expectations by a whopping 0.1% (real optimism there). As you can imagine with that kind of good news we in Europe are all off on a well-earned buying spree, celebrating and adding to our Q4.2014 numbers.

TTIP: Tipping into the spotlight

anti ttip

On October the 3rd, the 7th week-long round of TTIP negotiations closed with the wonderfully named EU Chief TTIP Negotiator, Ignacio Garcia Bercero, stating somewhat blandly (Can we expect more? Yes we can): “We have again had a week of productive discussions. Negotiations are now moving smoothly into the textual phase, where discussions are based on specific textual proposals”.

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